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STEM and CLIL Project

The project is open to all Liceo Linguistico fourth-form students

Why join the project?

A range of diversified pratical activities will give you a deeper understanding of the area where we live, guiding you to discovery of the geology and history of the coastline between Costa Volpino and Riva di Solto, of Tinazzo Gorge and of Sovere plateau.

You will see and analyse, through direct observation, the different types of rocks and the most important geological features which make up the northern coastline of Lake Iseo and its inland territory. You will expand your knowledge of fossils and theire significance also visiting Monte Zugna in Rovereto with its large deposit pf dinosaurs' prints.

But ... what makes this area so interesting and beautiful?

The coastline contains characteristic old villages and towns and offers to the sight an impressive natural landscape. Its geology structure goes back to the Eras when the Earth was still stretching and sinking and numerous layers of sediment piled one on top of the other. The erosion of wind, ice and water carved the rocks and from their present aspect you can understand the profound environmental changes that occur across milions of years of time. You will also learn about the importance of fossils, about what they are and how they changed and can change our vision of the world.

Explore the lake and its surroundings because when you learn nothing equals the value of direct observation and exploration. And remember, the future of the place where we live depends on all of us and on the knowledge we have of it.

The course consists of three Jurassic Walks and three Labs.


  • 08-09-2021- Walk one: "Beauty and discovery"- A lake cruise from Costa Volpino to Castro and Riva ravines
  • 11-09-2021- Walk two: "Amazing Creatures"- The Fossil Lakes Park of Sovere
  • 24-10-2021- Walk three: "Dinosaurs and more"- Dinosaurs Park- Rovereto, Muse Trento


  • 14-09-2021- Lab one: "Open air class- The rock cycle"
  • 16-09-2021- Lab two: "From bones to mummification"
  • 21-09-2021- Lab three: "Conservation and transformation"

We will meet all the interested students on September 2, 2021 at 5 p.m. for futher and ore detailed information.

If you want to join the project, please fill in the dedicated form you will find on the school website from September 2. Deadline: September 5, 2021.

Nicoletta Contessi

Roberta Moretti